Thursday, February 6, 2014

College ! Oh my !

Something people my age worry about is college. Now, picking a college for some people may be easy. You might want to live far away, or you might want to stay close to your family. By Junior year, many of people have a complete list of colleges. When your diabetic and looking ahead in the future, theres ton of things you have to worry about like.
A Nurse
Doctors Appointments
Living by yourself

Now that is something everyone worrys about which is why I wanted to stay close to home for my first year. You want to choose a college that you like. I choose Northern Essex Community College .

I chose this college because  It is close to home. I also chose this college because it is also close to my doctors.

Now, I am also will be attending an university in the future. so first lets think about campus life. One, my mother and I made sure that there was a nurse on call. We had to make sure because if I go High ( a blood sugar over 500) or if I go low ( a blood sugar less then 60) , we had to make sure someone was there who was able to help. I also learned from my tour guide that most of the nursing students they have are diabetic and they have a support group. They also have a cafe and that they would help anyone in need. What I like about this college is that they would help a diabetic in need.

If any of you need help with the college process, feel free to email me at I will answer and try and help you out ! I will also answer questions about diabetes!

happy college hunting!