Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday's and Birthdays !

First of all ; today is friday. I get really excited about friday’s. I’m not sure if you are ! Friday means that no school! Normally I hate school, but this year it is alright. So today, I thought I would write about birthdays. Now, being a diabetic , and going to birthday parties is rough, and sometimes when your little , it is upsetting.  Knowing  you cannot blow out the candles on the VERY birthday cake you would want, knowing you cannot have some of the treats you would want & also knowing you can’t 
have some of the snacks are tricky

For a long time, I was not allowed to have cake and ice cream. For my 18th birthday, my birthday cake ( pictured above ) was a purple velvet cake. It didn’t have a lot of sugar which was in fact a good thing ! Many cakes and ice cream are very high in sugar. I would talk to your doctor about having sweets and everything. I mean sweets are NOT okay everyday for a diabetic , it could put you in a dangerous situation called diabetic ketoacidosis, which means you didn’t have any insulin in your system, or you ate too much so that your sugar is through the roof.

Some alternatives to having sugar in cakes and in ice cream is you could make your own ice cream from scratch using splenda and adding natural sugars. You could also buy some sugar free ice cream. My favorite brand is called Edys’ , and Breyers. They come in many flavors. My favorite flavors are mint chocolate chip and strawberry.

For cake, my recommendation is the betty crocker cake mixes. They are fun to use or come in sugar free. my favorite is devil’s food.

Now , birthdays are an amazing fun time. Spending time with family, laughing. They are also , well in my family's case, a way to check up with each other. I remember my birthday. Everyone coming together at my house, sitting down, watching movies. It always seems to happen on a friday night! Friday is my favorite part of the week. I get to watch movies with my family and just hang out all day.

Have a great friday, happy baking, and happy birthday to my cousin !