Friday, February 28, 2014

Twitter Chat & Blue Fridays!

To write about something exciting today, SOCIAL MEDIA!!

Last night I had the opportunity to be allowed in a twitter chat. To access the chat , You can say anything, a question, a comment and use the hashtag #DSMA which means Diabetes Social Media Advocacy and the hashtag #DOC which means Diabetes Online Community and also #dblog which means a diabetic blog. We use youtube, tudiabetes, podcasts, google hangouts,facebook,blogs and most importantly, twitter. This community, is the biggest one on the internet for chronic diseases. They share personal experience on the platforms, which is where i met most of my diabetics friend, and inspirations for my blog. 

The online chat takes place on Wednesday Nights, at 9pm EST. Doctors, Nurses, Patients, and people without diabetes take and be apart of this. Every Month, on the website, there is something called a diabetes blog carnival, every month, bloggers from all around the world write about a topic each month. On Thursday Nights at 9pm EST, come visit blogtalkradio to hear DSMA founder Cherise Shockley , LADA ( Twitter @sweetercherise ) , Scott K. Johnson (Type 1 Diabetic), George Simmons ( Type 1 Diabetic) host a live DSMA radio show. each week it features a guest, and invites calls from the audience listen to it.

Every Friday, Cherise calls it Blue Friday ( #blue friday ) where everyone of the diabetic community , or supporters wear blue in support/finding a cure for diabetes. We also wear blue on November 14, World Diabetes Day.

You can also join me in a live chat tomorrow, on Google + Hangout at 8pm, where I will be talking about my personal diabetes experience.

Here are some of the pictures from last night.
Have an awesome Friday!