Thursday, March 13, 2014


Today, I had the pleasure of doing a google hangout with my teacher (Check her out !!) and  Marialice Curran (Check her out !! )

Google Hangout is a great way to connect with others. I use it to connect with diabetic's, I also use it to connect with people from my school. I learned it all in a few hours !! So easy!!

I had an amazing time ! I connected with her whole class ! We talked about my blog, dancing, digital citizenship and much more. It was awesome to finally meet Marialice and her class since they connect with me on twitter. It was a great experience and I hope to do google hangouts in the future 

I also had a bad blood sugar day ! My blood sugar went up to 584! To any diabetic's out there , that is really bad ! I also had keytones ( Sugar in your urine, bloodstream) which can be very bad and can end you up in the hospital.
I do have a chorus concert tommorow which I am very excited for since I only have 3 more concerts as a senior !

Rebecca. :)

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