Friday, March 7, 2014

Ha, Diabetic's can have sugar? That is crazy !!

Today is something very important I will be talking about today !

Being a diabetic and food can be a challenge. There is food we cannot have everyday.  There is also food that can make our blood sugar high, and if we don’t take the right amount of Insulin. So between my experience  and the Diabetes Living Online, we will help you with what you can eat, what you cannot eat !

Starting off with what you cannot eat, here are some food that you would want to avoid.
  • Nacho’s- Now Diabetes Online does say to avoid it, and I do too. Awhile ago, I would get nacho’s all the time !! When you look at a menu at Chill’s or Taco Bell , the first thing your eyes go to is appetizers. Mine do too !!! Nachos are high in fat and calories and sodium. The cheese they use, if they don’t use shredded ( like packets of nacho cheese you can buy at the grocery store) tend to make me go high in my blood sugar up to the 500’s which gets really sick. You don’t have to even give up nacho’s !!!  You could use organic chips, reduced shredded cheese and add veggies !

  • Coffee Drinks- Now coffee, can be a perfect thing for a diabetic. Some black coffee with some milk and half and half can be a perfect low calorie beverage! But for places such as Starbucks & Dunkin Donuts, they offer high calorie, carbohydrates and fatty dessert drinks. They come with whipped cream and hot fudge, or some type of sauce. Now, once in awhile that is okay, but not every day since caffeine, makes your blood sugar raise.

  • Biscuits and Gravy- This is known to be one of the many things of breakfast that everyone grabs. Biscuits and gravy are high in fat , and calories and sodium. Staying away from these every once in awhile would do you good. Instead, a healthier option is egg, and a English muffin.
  • Battered / Fried Fish- You may think , oh isn’t that a healthy option for maintaining weight and diabetes? But it depends on how the fish is prepared. If the dish is prepared with sides like fries, onion rings and coleslaw is the best to avoid . For all that the total is 1,300 calories, 84 grams of fat, and 113 grams of carbohydrates and a total of 3,000 milligrams of sodium. That is at least double the amount the suggested the amount you should be in taking.
  • Fruit Beverages-  It is one of the worst food for diabetics. They can be high in sugar and calories. You want to read the labels. Anything under 10 grams of sugar is OK. Drinking a high sugar drink can only be used if you have a low blood sugar ( Check out the post I wrote about yesterday for low blood sugars.)
  • Chinese Food- Now it is okay once and awhile, but I choose not to eat it. It is fried, and high in fat and sodium. It makes me sick, and makes my blood sugar shoot through the roof. It is also high and sugar. I only eat it once every 3 months.  Having it in moderation is always okay.
  • Cinnamon Rolls- Need I say more ? These are high in FAT & SUGAR!!! Stay away! Most people do not and it is crazy! Diabetics should never be eating this, but then I’m just a teenager.
  • Cookies- Again, need I say more? Sugar free cookies are okay every once and awhile but you need to be careful of how much cookies you are eating which could create a high blood sugar.

For this section, I’m going to list foods that are safe to eat, if you need to take Insulin for that food, I will write take Insulin. If I don’t, that is a carb free food which means no shot !

  • Parsnip - Insulin*
  • Plantain- Insulin*
  • Potato- Insulin*
  • Pumpkin- Insulin*
  •  Squash Acorn- Insulin *
  • Squash Butternut -Insulin*
  • Green Peas -Insulin*
  • Corn-Insulin*
  • Beans-Insulin*
  • Peanuts-Insulin*
  • Nuts-Insulin*
  • Cashews-Insulin*
  • Fish and Seafood ( Lobster , Tuna , Cod etc) - if fried,insulin*
  • Chicken - if fried , insulin*
  • Turkey - if fried, insulin*
  • Eggs ( White or whole eggs)
  • Beef -Insulin*
  • Pork- Insulin
  • Veal - Insulin*
  • 1 % Milk -Insulin*
  • Low fat cheese
  • Yogurt- Insulin , ( I like Plain Vanilla )*
  • Avocado - Insulin*
  • Canola oil -Insulin*
  • Olive oil -Insulin*
  • Olives -Insulin*
  • Peanut butter-Insulin ( I like Jiffy,and the reduced fat ones !)*
  • Peanut oil -Insulin*
  • Sesame seeds-Insulin*
  • Corn oil -insulin*
  • Cottonseed oil -insulin*
  • Safflower oil insulin*
  • Soybean oil -insulin*
  • Sunflower oil -insulin*
  • Walnuts -insulin*
  • Pumpkin seeds -insulin*
  • Sunflower seeds -insulin*
  • Soft margarine ( in a tub) -insulin*
  • Mayonnaise - insulin*
  • Salad dressings - Insulin*
  • Tofu- Insulin*
  • White bread -insulin*
  • Whole grain bread- insulin*
  • Lettuce
  • Cheese
  • Soda ( Diet of course !!)
  • Water

    (*= Consult your doctor about the insulin dosages.)

    Here is a picture of some pasta with some Alfredo sauce and broccoli , I ate it at UNOs!