Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday ; Insulin Time

Hi Guys!

Today , I will be talking about something important: TYPES OF INSULIN.

Now , there are  many types of  insulin . The ones I use are called long acting and short acting. Long acting can last up to 24 hours. The one I use is called Lantud. Lantus comes in either a  vial or  a pen. With the vials, you have to use a syringe, or a needle. With the pen, you have to use needle tips. Short acting insulin , you use before you eat , or 15 minute before. You do not want to use to much or your blood sugar will drop too low, and you will drop unconscious.

On a second note, I will be leaving for Florida in 20 days! Next week's post will be going over everything I pack . Again, I will be posting vlogs( Video blogs) on my YouTube : . 

Have a Good Friday & date night !