Tuesday, March 4, 2014

My Diabetes Story.

Today I'm going to share something, that is really important about me. I'm gonna share my story, and along with that will be a video which will showcase my diabetic career/senior year.

Well, it started about 6 years ago. So let's think back to that time. Don't you remember? You were nervous. It was that strange time of the school year. You didn't think that you would be dating some of the boys in school. Some people were quiet. Some were very loud. It was two weeks before the first day of seventh grade. I was still doing dance at the time, and every year, about two-three weeks before school starts, we had this thing called dance camp. Dance camp was always fun! We had master classes, and the director of my dance studio close the competitions teams that day so I really had to work hard. I remember the day . I had just finished getting done with one of the tap classes, and I remember going into the waiting room  Everyday we had about 5 classes before we got out of the camp at 8pm. I remember it was my third class. I remember getting lightheaded. For months, I had been drinking excessively and going to the bathroom a lot. When I mean drinking a lot, I mean a lot , a total of 5 , 1 liter Pepsi bottles. I also remember calling my mother.

" Mom, I don't feel good." , that's what I told my mother. She took me to the doctor. They got some lab work, and my doctor came back shocked. She sent me in an ambulance. I was wondering why, but no one would answer me. I was scared. Was I supposed to be? Probably. We got to the hospital. When I arrived, they put me on a insulin drip, which a drip means you will get the fluid right into your bloodstream. They took my mother away from me. Why would they do that? My mother and I are so close. Why would they take my best friend away from me?

I remember my mother walking into the room. I was not sure what she was feeling. I remember saying ; " Mom? Mom? What is going on? MOM!" She did not answer me. She was crying. The doctor came into the room to see me { I see the same doctor today.} She looked at me and shook her head. She sat on her bed. I remember her saying. " Sweetheart, I'm sorry." I looked at her and she told me the bad news. " You're a diabetic." You know, at first , I did not know what to feel, but after awhile, I felt okay about it.

Now 6 years later, I am blogging and doing video blogs about my life. I am trying to be a better diabetic.  I have an average about 8.1% when the normal they want me at is at 7%. I want to be better. I have been in the hospital 8 times for my diabetes, and two for surgeries.

Have you been in the hospital? Let me know your thoughts!!!

Here is the video, I promised!