Friday, March 14, 2014

Tips for Travel!!

So as many of you know, in 29 days I will be going on vacation. I will be leaving for Florida on April 10th. The purpose of this trip? I will be going to Seaworld, Busch Gardens & hanging out by the pool. You may ask, what do diabetics pack for this sort of trip.

What to bring on a vacation in a different state:
  • Insulin ( Make sure you bring more than you need, you could run out and it is always good to have extra. If you are driving down, I suggest keeping your insulin in a cooler, since long acting insulin should be refrigerated. ) 
  • Test strips. ( I bring about 10-20 bottles of these because you may want to test if you are going to a theme park, swimming or doing something that requires exercise.)
  • Keep a list of your medications
  • Glucagon
  • ALWAYS wear your medical alert.( For an emergencey, so they know who to contact.)
  • YOU always want to carry your contact information in case of an emergency.
  • Snacks ( In case you have a low blood sugar.)
  • First aid kit including: bandages, gauze and topical antibiotic, pain reliever, 
    medicines to treat diarrhea and motion sickness, sunscreen and insect spray FOR PROTECTION!!

Before I move on, I suggest you see your medical professional who takes care of your diabetes a month before, but if you are like me, I am seeing her 4 days before. At that appointment, your medical professional can go over a checklist of what you are going to need, and she can double up prescriptions if you will need some. My guess, is you will because my doctor always says , " Double up on medical supplies when you are going away to another state or country." Also, when you are traveling, even if you are going to a different time zone, change the time on your meters. Your blood sugars will change a little bit, but not drastically. If they do , CONTACT YOUR MEDICAL TEAM ASAP.

Air Traveling Tips:
  • Book your ticket early and get a seat early enough to get an aisle seat, so you can get up easily to do your injection in the bathroom. If you are on the insulin pump, Talk with your medical professional. When I was on the Omnipod , my doctor told me to deactivate it before I entered the plane.
  • When going to give your luggage through security, keep your  DIABETIC SUPPLIES ON YOU AT ALL TIMES!!!! 
  • When you go in security, put your diabetic bag in the bin. Make sure you have labels on everything !
  • When going through security with a insulin pump, tell them. They will check it !!!  REQUEST THAT YOU CANNOT 
  • AKE IT OFF !!
  • After security, make sure you have enough food .
  • YOU don't need this but traveler's insurance. If your vacation is delayed, or if you end up in the hospital, this will bring costs down.
  • If traveling outside of the US, bring your medical alert in different languages . 
  •  Let your flight attendant or tour guide know you have diabetes.
  • If traveling to another country learn phrases in that language saying " I have diabetes." , " I need sugar " ect.
  •  Check your blood sugar frequently.
  • If you need an insulin injection  follow your normal procedure. Due to pressurized cabins, frequent travelers suggest you be careful not to inject air into the insulin bottle. In the pressurized cabin, pressure differences can cause the plunger to "fight you." This can make it hard to measure insulin !!
 Safe travels !