Friday, May 9, 2014

What did I learn from Paige Woodard?

     Yesterday in  web class ( the one I had to make this blog for ) had the opportunity to chat with an amazing young woman . Her name is Paige Woodard. ( Her Twitter Handle is @paige_woodard )  She is a senior in high school, who is going to major in business next year. She also is the creator of @dailymedia tips in twitter. 

    Well we learned a lot of things, like that's she loves to focus on social media. She has also released an DVD 2 weeks ago. We also learned that in 5 years, that Paige wants to get a degree in Business and that she owns her own business.  She is also nominated for the Bammy awards. But what did I learn from Paige?

 Well, I asked Paige the question of " How much time does she spend on her blog every day/week?" I asked this because since I knew she was going to college, and I am going to college too and I do want to continue this blog because I've met so many people. She does work on her blog 2 hours time per day . She  connects with professionals and follows articles on twitter to find her inspiration for her blog.

On another note,my diabetic side of my life has been pretty good. I've been improving. I'm also getting ready for DBW- Diabetic Bloggers week which is next week and I will blog a lot. I am also planning for a Diabetes Convection In July in California and Indiana. I've been selected by many bloggers to attended. On another note , I started to run again to keep my blood sugars down. Next Friday, there will be a blog about my chorus field trip to six flags. I can't believe my senior year of high school is almost over and I can tell you guys that the class I will miss the most is my web class and chorus!

Have a great Friday!