Thursday, August 14, 2014

Best Friends?

You know, being a diabetic is pretty hard sometimes. But Last year, I found something that made it easier.
I made a non diabetic best friend.
and my non diabetic best friend:
You are there with me through everything. You made everything possible even though we are miles apart. You make me  smile and laugh when I'm upset, and I cannot wait to visit you. You are an amazing person and if someone every hurts you ill be there. I love you <3

If she is reading this: Hey Cutie, Keep your Head up your tiara is falling.

To my Male Diabetic best friend:
YOU Are here for me everything night.  I love you to death. You are always there when I'm upset about something. Your my little brother and life is so great with you.

If he is reading this: I cannot wait to see you this week.

To All my friends who support me: I thank you all <3

PS. New york was great! click here to see what i got.
Your diabetic pal,