Friday, November 28, 2014

Tattoos? What?

Hi guys!

So Today I'm talking about something important .. More Tattoo's and piercings! Now, I have made a post about about this before, check it out here.

On Friday, October 3rd,  I got my two tattoo's I wanted forever. I got Hello Kitty, and a diabetes tattoo . ( pictures below)

My tattoo experience
  • Everything was sterilized.
  • They were disposable needles
  • The Artist made sure I was ok.

The question most people ask is about the pain. It really doesn't hurt that bad. It feels like something is vibrating against you. Then you feel the needle go in and it's an annoying sunburn over and over. Currently it feels like stinging over and over. I'm also thinking of getting an flower on my other shoulder. They are right, once you get tattoos,you can't go back.

I also got my ear's pierced again. My 3rd holes.

I hope everyone has a fun filled weekend! Black Friday! I got an IPAD Mini, a hello kitty blanket.

-Xo Beckster