Friday, January 2, 2015


Hello! Ciao!

So, It's been pretty crazy around here so I thought I update you with whats been going on.

Now, I have not blogged in ages, and when I do, it's short posts. I'm going to try my best to blog everyday! Which is a big task for me to do, but I love to blog.
I finished my first semester on Dec 13, and I got all A's! I know right? Awesomeness! I start my second semester on January 21!Hopefully, I will be in the medical program.
Diabetes Life
Diabetes life has been okay. I went into DKA again in Novemeber because of my meter. my meter was telling me my sugar's were good and they weren't. The ER doctors didn't believe me until we tested on my meter and it didn't match theirs. My new doctor gave me a new meter called the Onetouch Verio Sync and I love it. I saw a diabetes educator and hopefully by the summer, I will be back on the insulin pump.
Work/Home Life.
I am working at Target still about 30 hours a week so I'm super busy.!

Happy new year!