Sunday, February 8, 2015


Hey guys!

Something exciting happened this week! I won something at school! I get to find out what I won this week, so stay posted. I also am going to Florida again! I'm so excited ! !  But the bad thing is, I can't miss more than 3 days, So instead of driving down with my dad, brother and sister. I'll be flying! What an experience ! My mother and I booked a flight on JetBlue . From Boston, to Orlando. I'm so excited!

I started to do some research on what we can bring on the plane. My dad is bringing all the luggage because he's driving down, so my mother and I are only bringing our purses which is a plus.  But although, we do get one free checked bag. I am able to take all my diabetic supplies, but it has to be all together in my purse.

We are also going to the Space Center or maybe universal! More updates will be so soon!

xo Becca