Friday, January 31, 2014

Blood strips, glucose meters, oh my!

To start this blog off, I'm gonna start with a simple decision , you first make when your diabetic. It is called a glocouse meter. Over the years, I had  3 of meters, 4, when i was on the insulin pump .A couple to name are, and I will tell you how they work 

-One Touch Ultra
- Precision Xtra
- Freestyle Lite
- Omnipod

One Touch Ultra
- This is a meter, that is very good quality , but if it is not in the case it does not work well. Overall, I did not like the meter. The strips are expensive. The meter does come in colors, and overall, is good for a first meter. I had this meter for about 2 years.
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Freestyle Lite
- This meter came with my insulin pump , overall, is is about the size of your palm. It is very small, so people who cannot read , could not read it. It was really slow. I would not reccomend it. The only good thing about this meter, is if you are the Omnipod, a wireless insulin pump, you may use the same test strips.
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-  This was the pump device or the PDM. It was a good meter when I was on the pump.  It would help me calculate my insulin. The only bad thing was the Omnipod was always off a couple of numbers. It does have a food library , which was good. It only comes in blue, but you can get color cases.

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Precision Xtra
-  This was my favorite meter of the past . It would almost everytime show the right number. What I like about it, You can check keytones, which is sugar in your blood, but these strips were so expensive. It would take a long time to count down though to see your number.

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So, now we get to my current meter!

The One Touch Verio IQ

What I like about it? ; Simple. , looks like an iPod , you can tag it to use it for before you eat or after you eat, you charge it every two weeks.

Why I chose it?; Simple! It looks like an IPOD!

This was my bloodsugar today! As you can see it was a little high from my normal range. But the numbers are clear to see!
As you see at the top the test strips are gold with a line for the blood.

You can get this meter at :

You can also ask your doctors or insurance about getting one of the meters!