About Me !


My name is Rebecca, I love to travel

I never had diabetes my whole life. I was diagnosed during 7th grade. How I got diagnosed? That's the question I get asked everyday in my life. I dance all the time. When I was 13, I was drinking glasses of lemonade everyday. I was also sleeping all the time. One day, at dance camp in the summer, I collapsed. I didn't feel good. I remember calling my mother and going to my doctor straight away. After I did a few labs with the nurse, I had to go to another doctor called an endocrinologist , who diagnosed me with type one, and type two diabetes. Now almost about 9 years later, I have also been getting better with my diabetes. Now, I hope  to share my everyday life with you, and help people get a better understanding of what diabetes actually really is.

Want to email me?  rscott084@gmail.com