Friday, February 28, 2014

Twitter Chat & Blue Fridays!

To write about something exciting today, SOCIAL MEDIA!!

Last night I had the opportunity to be allowed in a twitter chat. To access the chat , You can say anything, a question, a comment and use the hashtag #DSMA which means Diabetes Social Media Advocacy and the hashtag #DOC which means Diabetes Online Community and also #dblog which means a diabetic blog. We use youtube, tudiabetes, podcasts, google hangouts,facebook,blogs and most importantly, twitter. This community, is the biggest one on the internet for chronic diseases. They share personal experience on the platforms, which is where i met most of my diabetics friend, and inspirations for my blog. 

The online chat takes place on Wednesday Nights, at 9pm EST. Doctors, Nurses, Patients, and people without diabetes take and be apart of this. Every Month, on the website, there is something called a diabetes blog carnival, every month, bloggers from all around the world write about a topic each month. On Thursday Nights at 9pm EST, come visit blogtalkradio to hear DSMA founder Cherise Shockley , LADA ( Twitter @sweetercherise ) , Scott K. Johnson (Type 1 Diabetic), George Simmons ( Type 1 Diabetic) host a live DSMA radio show. each week it features a guest, and invites calls from the audience listen to it.

Every Friday, Cherise calls it Blue Friday ( #blue friday ) where everyone of the diabetic community , or supporters wear blue in support/finding a cure for diabetes. We also wear blue on November 14, World Diabetes Day.

You can also join me in a live chat tomorrow, on Google + Hangout at 8pm, where I will be talking about my personal diabetes experience.

Here are some of the pictures from last night.
Have an awesome Friday!


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Piercings? Tattoo's? My experience and what to expect!

Good morning!

So yesterday, I went to the mall with my mother, and we were walking to a dollar store. Now, in the mall , there are kiosks.  The kiosk that was near the store was a piercings. I have had wanted my cartilage down forever. At first , my mother was joking as she said , "  Why don't you get it done?" I said why not, you only live once. I picked out some small earrings. Of course you get nervous because I am a diabetic. You have to make sure everything is sterilized. I will be going back in 4 weeks, for the employee to check my piercings, and I will be getting my third holes, which my mom will be recording.  I also will getting a tattoo next week! I am so excited!!

Many questions were answered. I really liked the girl who did my piercings. She used a piercing gun. It was really cool. I picked some white gold earrings. As you can see my ears did get red, but after a couple of hours, the redness went down

Here are some pictures after I got it done, and a couple hours later !!

what you can expect:
- You pick out some earrings and pay; the piercing itself is free!
You walked to behind the counter
you sit in a chair
she cleans your ear
she makes a mark with a marker and you see if you like it.
she tells you to breathe in, and when you breathe out, she pierces your ear
It did not hurt at all !! :)

What's your view on piercings ? I have always wanted them. It made me really excited that my mom got me that for my valentines present. I cannot wait to take you guys to my tattoo appointment next week! :)

happy tuesday!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday's and Birthdays !

First of all ; today is friday. I get really excited about friday’s. I’m not sure if you are ! Friday means that no school! Normally I hate school, but this year it is alright. So today, I thought I would write about birthdays. Now, being a diabetic , and going to birthday parties is rough, and sometimes when your little , it is upsetting.  Knowing  you cannot blow out the candles on the VERY birthday cake you would want, knowing you cannot have some of the treats you would want & also knowing you can’t 
have some of the snacks are tricky

For a long time, I was not allowed to have cake and ice cream. For my 18th birthday, my birthday cake ( pictured above ) was a purple velvet cake. It didn’t have a lot of sugar which was in fact a good thing ! Many cakes and ice cream are very high in sugar. I would talk to your doctor about having sweets and everything. I mean sweets are NOT okay everyday for a diabetic , it could put you in a dangerous situation called diabetic ketoacidosis, which means you didn’t have any insulin in your system, or you ate too much so that your sugar is through the roof.

Some alternatives to having sugar in cakes and in ice cream is you could make your own ice cream from scratch using splenda and adding natural sugars. You could also buy some sugar free ice cream. My favorite brand is called Edys’ , and Breyers. They come in many flavors. My favorite flavors are mint chocolate chip and strawberry.

For cake, my recommendation is the betty crocker cake mixes. They are fun to use or come in sugar free. my favorite is devil’s food.

Now , birthdays are an amazing fun time. Spending time with family, laughing. They are also , well in my family's case, a way to check up with each other. I remember my birthday. Everyone coming together at my house, sitting down, watching movies. It always seems to happen on a friday night! Friday is my favorite part of the week. I get to watch movies with my family and just hang out all day.

Have a great friday, happy baking, and happy birthday to my cousin !

Thursday, February 6, 2014

College ! Oh my !

Something people my age worry about is college. Now, picking a college for some people may be easy. You might want to live far away, or you might want to stay close to your family. By Junior year, many of people have a complete list of colleges. When your diabetic and looking ahead in the future, theres ton of things you have to worry about like.
A Nurse
Doctors Appointments
Living by yourself

Now that is something everyone worrys about which is why I wanted to stay close to home for my first year. You want to choose a college that you like. I choose Northern Essex Community College .

I chose this college because  It is close to home. I also chose this college because it is also close to my doctors.

Now, I am also will be attending an university in the future. so first lets think about campus life. One, my mother and I made sure that there was a nurse on call. We had to make sure because if I go High ( a blood sugar over 500) or if I go low ( a blood sugar less then 60) , we had to make sure someone was there who was able to help. I also learned from my tour guide that most of the nursing students they have are diabetic and they have a support group. They also have a cafe and that they would help anyone in need. What I like about this college is that they would help a diabetic in need.

If any of you need help with the college process, feel free to email me at I will answer and try and help you out ! I will also answer questions about diabetes!

happy college hunting!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Sugar?... What?

So I tweeted this on Saturday which got me thinking, what can diabetics really have? 
Okay okay! So as Brian said , we don't assume, or do we with diabetics? Well I mean, I eat anything I want too . Cake, ice cream , chicken ,ect. It's all up your doctor. Some may want you to cut out the sugar,some in moderation. As long as we cover with our insulin ( humalog,lantus ,70/30, novalog ) you should be fine !

Really food shouldn't be limited..

So when someone asks you " Oh? I just found out you have diabetes? You can't have sugar ?"

Reply with " Why, Yes I can."